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A day in the life

Terry Brown

Associate Director of Engineering
10 May 2022   |  
X minutes
In this series, we spotlight different people in our team and learn what a typical day at Healx is like for them.


"Yes, I’m one of those morning people! I find mornings are the most productive part of the day. I kick things off with a podcast while I walk my dogs Murphy and Penny along the seafront in my home town in the Northeast."


"I make a mug of tea (the first of many!) to sip on while I prepare for the day ahead. As a manager, I have a number of weekly 1:1s with each person in my team; most days I catch up with at least one of them.

Later today I have a catch up with one of my managers, so I plan for some discussion around personal growth and peruse the agenda items in case they added any for me. Afterwards I hop on an informal meeting with an external mentee (I mentor a ‘women in tech’ group) and we explore the topic of ‘difficult feedback’."


"Time for the ‘team dailies’, a place where team members come together everyday to explore how things are going, plan, and catch up. These sessions are a brilliant way to stay close to the work the team is doing and ensure I’m supporting any way I can. Today we shipped a big update to our internal users, so we talk a little about documentation and how we’ll best raise awareness and onboard users."


"It’s focus time. I use this to look over our strategy in an effort to reflect on where we are now and anticipate where we’re heading. This time is incredibly valuable to me - thinking, planning and ‘doing’ time are the main things I miss from my previous life on a software engineer schedule, so I often carve out small chunks of protected time to allow space for me to do so."


"Home working mostly suits me, but it’s nice to just get up and walk about a bit. I have my lunch on the sofa - also shared by the dogs - and read a few articles from management and culture newsletters that I subscribe to. One article is a really interesting take on servant leadership and I share it in our #healx-learns slack channel - let’s hope people at Healx are more interested than the dogs are!"


"Todays 1:1 with one of my managers is great. We give each other some good feedback in a few areas, and we have a focused discussion on their growth and pick up a few actions to focus on. I love 1:1s with my team -they’re a great way to build up personal relationships, and work together in a safe space to create improvements for ourselves and Healx."


"I give a talk on psychological safety to the company which seems to go really well and generates some great questions. Healx is currently focussing in on feedback and the cultural growth needed to better enable high performing teams, and this talk served as an introduction to the concepts and reasons behind Psychological Safety."


"Off I go to the gym! I find exercise the perfect way to dust off a busy day, and today’s cardio workout is sure to make me sleep tonight."


We’re a diverse team of talented people working to revolutionise the way rare disease treatments are discovered and developed.

Our team has a broad range of expertise, experience, and perspectives but what unites us is our drive to make a positive difference to rare disease patients and their families.

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