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AI-powered, patient-inspired
treatments for rare diseases

There are over 10,000 rare diseases.
They affect 300 million people.
90% have no treatment.

We’re on a mission to change that.

Transforming lives for rare disease patients

Traditional drug discovery is slow, expensive and has a 5% success rate. This has led to a culture of filling pipelines with blockbuster drugs, targeted to large patient populations, in order to offset the cost of failures. By using AI and other frontier technologies to redevelop, combine and enhance known compounds, we are building a pipeline of new and effective therapies.

Pioneering the next generation of drug discovery

We bring treatments from prediction to patient. Artificial intelligence enables us to rapidly identify which novel drug-disease relationships have the highest chance of success and effectively scale a drug pipeline that will deliver significant patient impact.

By using technology to de-risk the drug discovery process, we can run multiple programmes in parallel and deliver a higher chance of treatment success.

We’re in this together

We couldn’t have achieved as much as we have done without the help of our partners. We welcome enquiries from groups interested in partnering with us to progress treatments for rare diseases.

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We’re a diverse team of talented people working to revolutionise the way rare disease treatments are discovered and developed.

Our team has a broad range of expertise, experience, and perspectives but what unites us is our drive to make a positive difference to rare disease patients and their families.