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Healx: Key player in Global Drug Repurposing Open Call

25 April 2017   |  
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On Rare Disease Day 2017, Healx together with Findacure and Cures Within Reach launched an open call for drug repurposing projects focussed on rare diseases. Researchers, clinicians, patient groups and companies are invited to submit their drug repurposing ideas that require funding to reach clinical trials.

The open call partner organisations can provide technological, legal and structural support, or match projects with potential funders through the Cure Accelerator platform and Findacure’s social impact bond.

Healx will play a pivotal role in supporting specific rare disease projects with their innovative technology platform that uses cost-effective predictive computational methodologies for accelerating drug repurposing projects.

The open call closes on 31 May 2017. View more details on the Findacure web site.

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