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The hunt for a new treatment for neuroblastoma

25 October 2016   |  
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Healx have launched a drug repurposing project to find new treatments for neuroblastoma, an aggressive and potentially fatal cancer prevalent in children and adolescents. This disease can quickly become resistant to conventional therapies, meaning new therapeutic options are urgently needed. Repurposing existing drugs already approved for other conditions can drastically reduce the time and cost of developing treatments.

The project is a joint effort between Healx and aPODD, a London-based charity focused on childhood cancer drug development. Funding is provided by ENEA (European Neuroblastoma Association), an Italian parent association supporting neuroblastoma research. This follows a previous project between Healx and aPODD to find new treatments for Medulloblastoma, an aggressive brain cancer.

Healx will apply machine learning and biological data analysis pipelines combined with drug development expertise to identify new therapeutic opportunities from existing drugs. Scientific support for ongoing validation is being provided by aPODD. The result of this research project will be freely available to the scientific community following completion of the project.

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