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A day in the life

Richard Huckle

Director of Regulatory Affairs
3 March 2022   |  
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In this series, we spotlight different people in our team and learn what a typical day at Healx is like for them.


"My day starts with a walk with my dogs, Hudson & Pippa. It's very early, but it's the only way I'll get any peace in the morning! I like starting the day like this, especially on a frosty, sunny morning. I find it very energising and it gets me, and the hounds, ready for day ahead."


"Today is my first time in our Cambridge office this year. It's a great view from where I'm sitting, and if the new buildings and crane weren’t there, I could almost see the building where I was born!

I sip on the first of many coffees as my colleagues arrive for my first meeting - a project update. We sit down and catch-up a bit before the work begins. It's so good to meet people in the real world.


"With lunch over, I jump onto the monthly TOPRA (The Organisation for Professionals in Regulatory Affairs) editorial board call where a small group of fellow regulatory professionals plan content for future editions of the Regulatory Rapporteur journal. Over the past decade I’ve authored over 20 papers, conducted interviews, and written up conference reports. It’s great for networking as well as keeping up with latest developments in regulatory news and drug development."


"The board call is finished, as are several cups of coffee.  Much of my afternoon will be spent “form filing and tick boxing”, something us regulatory folk have developed a reputation for.

Handling regulatory affairs at Healx comes with a wide range of responsibilities; I could be dealing with a regulatory agency one minute, and then hopping on a call to advise our tech team about collecting and evaluating scientific data the next. I need to have a grasp on ever-changing legislation in a number of different regions, so I can best advise on the legal and scientific restraints and requirements for our drug development projects. The more efficient we are with the regulatory approval, the sooner we can get treatments to the patients that need them."


"It's time to start my midweek bowls league match. I’m lucky to have 4 clubs within walking distance of where I live.

Most of my family were bowlers - my grandad even played for England. I’ve only played very intermittently until last year and certainly no where near my grandad’s standard. But, now I’m getting a game 2-3 days a week."


We’re a diverse team of talented people working to revolutionise the way rare disease treatments are discovered and developed.

Our team has a broad range of expertise, experience, and perspectives but what unites us is our drive to make a positive difference to rare disease patients and their families.

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