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Webinar | How to Develop In Vivo Models for Rare Disease Research

Looking to develop models for in vivo testing but unsure where to start? Watch the recording of our recent webinar to learn more about developing in vivo models for your rare disease research.
3 July 2020   |  
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This webinar is suitable for patient groups at the beginning of their journey to create in vivo models to accelerate the research and development of novel treatments for their rare disease of interest.

During this 60-minute session our speakers discuss how to successfully create and validate animal models for preclinical drug testing – from both a patient group and industry perspective.

Expert speakers include:

You can watch the webinar recording below. We did our best to answer as many questions during the session, but if you have any additional ones for us please take a look at our FAQs section or submit them via email to accelerate@healx.ai

Webinar | How to Develop In Vivo Models for Rare Disease Research from Healx on Vimeo.

About our speakers

Dr Aamir Zuberi | Technology and Resource Development Scientist, Rare and Orphan Disease Program at The Jackson Laboratory

Aamir has developed and leads the Rare and Orphan Disease mouse model development portfolio at The Jackson Laboratory. He has over 30 years of experience in leading biomedical research teams using molecular biology, genomics, molecular and classical genetics to investigate the genetic susceptibility, molecular profiling and treatment of animal models as surrogates for human disease.

Dr Diana Miszczuk | Associate Director, CNS Pharmacology at Charles River Laboratories

Diana has over 10 years of experience in neuroscience, with the last four years spent in various roles of scientific leadership for Charles River. She has taken an in vivo pharmacology lead role on a number of in vivo efficacy and integrated drug discovery programs and in CNS and rare and orphan diseases indications, including Huntington’s disease, fragile X syndrome and neuropsychiatric disorders.

Alan Finglas | Founder at MSD Action Foundation

Alan founded the MSD Action Foundation and SavingDylan.com in 2015 to promote and support research advancements that will lead to improvements in clinical outcomes, life expectancy and quality of life for patients suffering from multiple sulfatase deficiency (MSD).

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